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  • SKU: Schweppes-soda-water-500ml-pet-bottle

    Order Schweppes Soda Water now and pay via MPESA, Credit Card and other Mobile Money Platforms. We deliver to your doorstep. Schweppes Soda Water is part of the Schweppes Mixers range. They can be enjoyed on their own or combined with alcohol or fruit juice. In 1783, Jacob Schweppe perfected the process of aerating water, bringing to life sparkling beverages as we know them today. 235 years on, Schweppes Soda Water is forged through the blending of mineral salts with pristine triple filtered water, before being infused with thousands of delicate bubbles known as “Schweppervescence”.

  • SKU: Schweppes-tonic-water-500ml-pet-bottle

    Schweppes Tonic water is a carbonated soft drink in which quinine is dissolved.

    Nose: Schweppes Tonic Water has a very quiet nose. Faint hint of citrus and/or cucumber. It’s nearly neutral.

    Palate: Schweppes Tonic Water has a slight woody lemon note. The quinine has a flash of metallic edge, but that quickly leaves. The bitterness is clean and quite long lasting.

    Serving: Paired with Gin, the bitterness and quinine notes are lovely and nicely balanced, leaving the gin the star.

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