Johnnie Walker Whisky

Drinks Delivery | Alcohol Delivery Nairobi. Order Johnnie Walker Whisky from, pay by MPESA or Card and we deliver in under 1 hour to your doorstep. Dial a delivery 0777100036. Johnnie Walker Whisky is one of the oldest and most sold blended Scotch whisky around the world, with its annual sales going over 130 million bottles per year. The Johnnie Walker brand came into existence, when John Walker, an ordinary Scottish grocer, started his business in Ayrshire. He used malts to make his whisky tastier and found a new blended whisky. Named as Walker Kilmarnock Whisky, this Scotch whisky got acceptance all over the province pretty fast.

After his death in 1857, his son Alexander took over the business, and introduced the first commercial whisky blend to the world, naming it the Old Highland Whisky. With the introduction of railways during the industrial revolution, the small town allowed transport of goods to ships that were sailing to all corners of the world. Alexander saw this as a great opportunity to sell the whisky globally, and embarked on the venture of making the franchise renowned all over the world.

Alexander was succeeded by his sons Alexander II, a master blender and George, a master businessman. They further took the brand to exceeding heights of popularity and fame, making Johnnie Walker one of the oldest and most acclaimed blended whisky franchises throughout the world today.

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