Cabernet Sauvignon Wines

Drinks Delivery Nairobi. Order Cabernet Sauvignon Wines from, pay by MPESA or Card and we deliver in under 1 hour to your doorstep. Dial a delivery 0777100036. Cabernet Sauvignon (pronounced as Kab-er-nay Saw-vin-yawn ) is one of the world’s most widely recognized red wine grape varieties. It is grown in nearly every major wine producing country and is loved for its high concentration, deep red colour and age worthiness.

Palate: Most Cabernet Sauvignon have notes of Black Cherry, Black Currant, Baking Spices, and Cedar (from oak).
Taste: D-Dry
Style: Full-Bodied Red Wine
Food Pairing: Lamb, beef, smoked meats, firm cheeses like aged cheddar and hard cheeses like Pecorino.
Alcohol content: 13.5–15% ABV

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