Pinotage Wines

Drinks Delivery Nairobi. Order Pinotage Wines from, pay by MPESA or Card and we deliver in under 1 hour to your doorstep. Dial a delivery 0777100036. Pinotage is a red wine grape that is South Africa’s signature variety. A gutsy cross between Pinot Noir and Cinsault rarely found anywhere else in the world, Pinotage is a one-of-a-kind rustic red wine that is earthy, fruit-driven and perfect for pairing with all sorts of barbecue.
When Professor Abraham Perold, from Stellenbosch University, crossed a somewhat unusual pair, Pinot Noir with Cinsaut in 1925, he literally created South Africa’s national grape. His aim was to combine the virtues of the two grapes. Pinot Noir is renowned for its aromas and flavours, but can be difficult to grow, whereas Cinsault yields an abundant crop and is cheerfully resistant to disease.

Style: Pinotage can be presented in a dramatic range of styles, ranging from a fairly light-bodied, red berry driven wine all the way to a full-bodied wine with balance, elegance, fully developed fruit flavours and an enduring finish.

Palate: In general, Pinotage tends to take on a rustic profile and often shows earth-driven notes, followed by dark fruit, red liquorice, rooibos, banana, dried leaves, sweet pipe tobacco, chocolate or even smokey bacon kips.

Pairings: Food pairings range quite significantly. From robust and rustic dishes like smoked duck, pulled pork, chilli con carne or potjie to light charcuterie, patés, and baked pasta dishes like lasagne or pizza, particularly one with a meaty topping. Its slight perceived sweetness also makes it a good match for hard cheeses like cheddar or blue but it shines brightest with a classic South African braai!

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