Tall Horse Wines

Drinks Delivery Nairobi. Order Tall Horse Wines from Kinywaji.com, pay by MPESA or Card and we deliver in under 1 hour to your doorstep. Dial a delivery 0777100036. Tall Horse wines come all the way from South Africa. The grapes grow in vineyards with near perfect conditions in the Western Cape wine lands. From the slopes of the Cape Mountains caressed by cooling sea breezes, the vines drink in the winter rainfall and bask in the long summer sunshine hours allowing fantastic ripe expression of variety and land. In fact, it is these very enviable conditions that conceived a legacy of winemaking that traces back to the late 1600’s.
Yes, the Tall Horse is a true citizen of Africa with many, many friends who, led by curiosity and fascination are surprised and delighted by the wildly approachable and fruity sensory safari that is packed into every bottle of Tall Horse Wines that make the expedition to homes all over the world.

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