Classic Safari Pork Sausages – 10 pieces (500g)

Quantity: 10 pieces

Weight: 500g

Made by: Farmer’s Choice Limited


KSh 470

SKU classic-safari-pork-sausages-10-pieces-500g
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Quantity: 10 pieces

Weight: 500g

Made by: Farmer’s Choice Limited

About Farmer’s Choice Ltd

Farmer’s Choice Ltd (founded in 1980) specialises in the production of fresh beef, chicken, sausages, bacon, ham and pork. It is since ISO 22000 compliant and today exports a full range of fresh and processed pork produce to other parts of the world. Today, the company is selling its produce to Uganda, Tanzania, Zanzibar, Ethiopia, Muscat, Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates. Health inspectors from the British, Japanese and US armies have also given the plant their seal of approval. Clients of Farmer’s Choice can thus rest assured that the meats they receive have been carefully and hygienically prepared in accordance with the highest international standards.





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